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Say hello to our new botanical creations. We have been working on these formulas since months! We have a face mask for everyone. Time to detox, brighten and shed off dead skin cells with our three new botanical concoctions. 


Soft Pearl: Great for individuals suffering from dry & sensitive skin. Helps to tackle redness while hydrating the skin in depth.

Detox Goodness: Time to detox your skin! Helps to shed off dead skin cells and improve overall complexion of our skin. Great for oily/combination/problematic skin 

Acne Defense: Packed with antimicrobial properties, this mask reduces inflammation and eliminates acne scars while gently purifying and cleansing the skin.

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meet rosemary

aromatherapy thoughtfully crafted

We believe in a better tomorrow. We believe in our mother nature. We are here to provide you comfort in all its botanical ways. We are here for you. We are Mauritian. 

At Rosemary, we offer botanical treasures packed in our concoctions. We provide aromatherapy goodies designed thoughtfully for your needs. We are here to provide you comfort.

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