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Our foot/bath soak is meticulously crafted from premium quality ingredients. This natural blend relaxes sore, tired feet and helps to soften rough calluses and patches. It helps to stimulate blood circulation throughout our body while soothing tired muscles and deodorizes your feet. 

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Make sure you have the softest feet around with our new jasmine garden foot scrub. This deep exfoliating foot scrub has been designed to lock in moisture while leaving the skin smooth, soft and rejuvenated. 

meet rosemary

aromatherapy thoughtfully crafted

We believe in a better tomorrow. We believe in our mother nature. We are here to provide you comfort in all its botanical ways. We are here for you. We are Mauritian. 

At Rosemary, we offer botanical treasures packed in our concoctions. We provide aromatherapy goodies designed thoughtfully for your needs. We are here to provide you comfort.

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