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My Little Green Space

As a Mauritian, I am thankful for having a little green space in front of my home. My happy place consists of my garden filled with diverse plants. I wish to take some time and appreciate what nature has gifted us with. Even though December is a long way from now, I firmly believe that there is no specific time of the year that we should all sit back and reflect on what we are thankful for.

Concoctions of love

Our little concoctions have been designed with the softness and grace from plants. I am looking forward to create more treasures packed with nature's goodness. I promise you will not be disappointed. One thing I have learned from plants is to always be patient. For instance, I make use of rosemary leaves in many treasures. Packed with diverse skin benefits, I must say that plants do hold a special place in my heart. I hope you find the time and shower your plants with love.


I have been growing flowers for a very long time. I have always been inspired with the beauty of flowers. Since a young age, I remember picking up bright pink hibiscus flowers in my garden. I would often help my grandma with her plants, I must say she was quite an anthophile. My love for flowers stems from her.

Ultimately, in Mauritius, each garden has a little flower space. Most of the gardens are packed with roses! I mean who doesn't love the sweet scent of roses? Beautiful and breathtaking as they are, roses do come in a variety of fragrances and colours! :)

Did you know that roses with darker colour tones and a full bunch of petals with a velvety consistency tend to smell the best?

A little bunch of roses from my garden to your phone! :) I have cut the stems and placed these beautiful roses in a vase with water.

Fruits through greenery

Whether it's a banana tree, mango tree, papaya tree, fruits are often seen in most gardens around the island! Well in my garden I have something quite rare in Mauritius: Pitanga Berries also known as "roussaille"

Pitanga berries are actually fruits that have a very acidic taste. When it's ripe it is often sweet and bitter at the same time. Known as eugenia uniflora in mostly Nigerian regions, these little berries are rarely found around the island. Actually this fruit is originated mostly from South America! Eventually, this fruit is packed with healthy benefits such as:

  • Well known to treat flu and fungal infections

  • Prevents the formation of diabetes

  • Helps to prevent premature wrinkles

If you want to buy some Pitanga berries, make sure you head to Port Louis market!

During the summer months such as December, January and February, you'll be able to purchase those little fruity gems :)

The Importance of Herbs

We usually have it all in our garden xD From coriander, thyme, parsley, rosemary etc... You name it, we might have it planted somewhere ;) The best part is that we use herbs in everything! We make use of them as medicinal plants to salads and even to the oven!

One of my favourite has always been rosemary and if has often landed in my hair oil. This plant is packed with so many benefits both for our body and our skin. It helps to tone the skin and provides firmness while being an effective treatment for hair loss. I have an ongoing list! On the contrary, I make use of rosemary to create delicious oven baked potatoes. I'll share the recipe one day :) Below is a picture of my rosemary plant. I make sure to shower it love.

I am thankful for my little green space. It is packed with nature's wonders from herbs to flowers that I use to create your treasures. They are pesticide-free, nurtured from all the goodness of the Mauritian soil :) My garden will always be a happy place filled with the magical greenery from all sides. Honestly, I wish I could spend more time in my garden, appreciate what nature has to offer us. I give myself in all the creations of my products. Every single product has a story and mine is that it was designed with love and care. I hope I can create more natural treasures for you! I hope I can bring you comfort from my garden to your skin. I hope to have the privilege to create more for you.

Lots of love, Mary

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