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Cotton Face Scrubbie / Cleaner Disk - A Sustainable Product

Why should you opt for the natural way? Whether you are scrubbing your dead facial skin cells, or removing your make-up after a long day, this little eco-friendly product is your go to!

Switching to an eco-friendly way is an additional element that you need to implement into your facial routine care. Being gentle to your skin is crucial. Why buy disposable cheap cotton face rounds at an expensive price when you can simply buy handmade, local and cotton face scrubbies that are eco-friendly and adapt to a sustainable lifestyle?



Unlike cotton wool balls or rounds, however, the face scrubbies/ cotton reusable makeup remover pads don’t create waste – simply toss them in the wash after use for a sustainable alternative ;)

We have partnered with YarnOver since last year to provide you with thick %100 cotton yarn face scrubbies. Washable and reuseable as well, does it get any better?!

You can shop her cotton face scrubbies on



How to use them?

1. As a make-up remover

After a long day at the office, the first thing that you wanna do is rush back home and remove your makeup. This is where your face scrubbie will be handy. Grab your preferred face wash or one of our vegan soaps (https://www.itsmary.net/product-page/black-beauty-detox-facial-soap) and time to clean your face. It is naturally absorbent and soft enough for sensitive skin! It can be used on delicate areas such as around the eyes without harming your skin. Wash and you're good to go! Remember to lay flat to dry after you have rinse it out ;)

2. As a face scrubby

Whether you are a skin-care enthusiast, or you stick to a weekly facial care routine, grab one of the cotton crochet face scrubby and implement it into your routine. Whether you prefer coarse diy sugar face scrubs, or gentle-gel cleanser face scrubs, our cotton face scrubbies will act like a physical exfoliant. Use your face scrub twice per week (avoiding the eye area), sweeping it onto damp skin in circular motions with very light pressure to prevent irritation. Extra exfoliation will happen with our gentlest exfoliator: the face scrubbie.

Please note: Crocheted face scrubbies are suitable for handwashing and machine washing


Best Care

1. Remember to always rinse your scrubby before and after use.

2. For oil cleansing face massage or makeup removal, rinse scrubbie well after use, leave or hang in the bathroom to dry. Wash regularly in machine

3. If your face scrubbies have marks, pre-soak using a gentle stain remover or soak them in hot lemon juice. This will gently lift stains without harsh chemicals and lay flat to dry ;)


A Sustainable Product

Your cotton face scrubbies will last for more than two years! A good investment isn't it? A sweet treat for your skin!

When you feel like they have completely run out of life, chop them into smaller pieces, dig a hole & bury them. Completely biodegradable and compostable at the end of their life so you can pop them in the garden to decompose as well. Cotton by nature will decompose within half a year. A big yes for mother-nature and perfect for a zero-waste skin care routine.

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