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We believe in re-connecting humans to nature. As a small Mauritian business, we are here to provide you comfort and smiles within our vegan and cruelty-free range. We strive our best to offer you a deeper understanding of the natural and sustainable world. We are inspired by nature and we want to offer you products specifically tailored for you skin. We hope that you find happiness.


Hi I am Maryam, your skincare formulator. 

My story starts six years back. During my teen days, appreciating what nature has to offer was an escapism to feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted. I was always captivated about the efficiency of botanicals and their benefits supporting different skin conditions. I have worked in accordance with a cosmetologist and an aromatherapist to develop my brands. After two years of research, attending foreign e-workshops, completing diverse fundamentals of cosmetology as well as skincare formulation programs, I have developed a full range of products that are focused on skincare, haircare and aromatherapy uses. 

Itsmary & Rosemary are centered around natural skincare, aromatherapeutic concoctions and other botanical treasures. We make sure to use nature's wonders and formulate premium products to bring you 

extra comfort and happiness. 

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