Welcome to our world 

A journey full of natural goods and while using traditional and ayurvedic recipes. At itsmary, we guarantee the purity of genuine Ayurvedic ingredients. Founded in 2020, our skincare collections are designed to nourish, protect and renew the skin in the natural way. Each product has been carefully researched and designed into every ingredient. We believe that natural skincare haul should be accessible to everyone, thus we have developed our own vegan store whereby it meets the needs and wants of our vegan customers. Rest assured that our products are free from artificial colors, artificial fragrances and parabens. We firmly believe that 100% natural products is a must and readily available to every Mauritian at an affordable price. 

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Meet the Founder & Managing Director

Itsmary has been derived from my name Maryam "Pious". As the founder, itsmary was born in 2018 but launched in 2020 as I was aiming in delivering the highest quality vegan skincare and haircare products at an affordable price. I am here to create and design skincare collections that will suit your needs and wants. The primary concern at Itsmary is that we center around three basic things: our kin, our products and our clients.

My small company fills me with joy! There is a part of my heart and soul into each of my creation. Being such a young entrepreneur, the journey does not end here. Thanking you for opting our natural treasures. 

- Miss Maryam Hingun

Our Mission

Our mission is to completely develop an ecological and sustainable e-boutique. At itsmary, we strive our best to offer you a deeper understanding of the natural and sustainable world. We are willing to achieve the highest standard by offering you100% natural and vegan products at a reasonable price. We plan and execute our vision and originality through numerous disciplined studies. The development of harmony is our main aim without causing harm to mother nature.